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Hello and welcome to my blog.

Here you will find my musings on attendance and behaviour in our education system.

The Ten Good Habits to Acquire


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Making SEAL work in secondary schools

I  wrote this  article for The Times Educational Supplement last year. It was published in the ‘TESPro’ section a year ago and  I’m putting it out there on my new  website because for those of you engaged in improving the social and emotional skills of pupils  (and

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I can resist anything except temptation

Another supply day. This time in Leeds.  On arrival I’m told the good news, that I have no lesson period four. The bad news is that I should report to reception at that time and they’ll ‘find me something’. This sounds ominous and indeed proves to be

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Managing behaviour without hitting the ceiling

I have to admit I was horrified when Pope Benedict announced his resignation this Spring. Not due to any religious misgivings but because my wide and I had a four night stay in Rome booked for early April. I suffered visions of pilgrim – choked Piazzas and

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Supply and demand

Arriving on a dark April Friday in driving rain I see the school for the first time. It squats in the mud, in mourning for the new-build that never was. Inside it is all flaking paint and worn carpets but the welcome is warm. The business manager smiles

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Why should you hire me?

Here are some of the issues that I can help you sort: If the answers to any of the issues to the right is yes then get in touch – you have found the man you are looking for!

But you don't need to take it from me, have a look at my testimonials page.

If you have:

  • Some of your staff keep getting into unnecessary confrontations with pupils?
  • Some staff struggle to deal with social chatter?
  • Subject leaders who don’t take the lead on behaviour for learning
  • Head of house/year who are buried in the reactive and want to be proactive?

If you want to:

  • Improve attendance?
  • Improve behaviour?
  • Deliver SEAL whole school
  • Get help with the behaviour and safety SEF?
  • Have better behaviour and attendance data?
  • Get PLTS embedded?
  • Get pupil voice working?

And also:

Do you want the best whole staff behaviour CPD at an affordable cost?

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