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Hello and welcome to my blog.

Here you will find my musings on attendance and behaviour in our education system.

From Sun-bed to Staffroom

From Sun-bed to Staffroom Due to extraordinarily bad planning and a two hour delay, my flight from Turkey landed in  Gatwick at 10.15 pm on Monday night.  I was due in at 9am sharp the next morning and the school, like my home, was in Yorkshire. Deep

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You might have seen last week’s ‘Horizon’ programme, entitled ‘Can You Change Your Mind?’.  The presenter, Michael Mosley, a habitually neurotic middle-aged man like myself, decided to see if he could achieve a more relaxed outlook . I was interested to see what he might try, as

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Why do teachers teach?

I felt sorry for my audience this evening; a group of aspiring leaders who’d volunteered for a series of CPD events. My presentation on ‘Behaviour and Attendance’ was the final of these ‘twilights’. ‘Twilight’ has never seemed so appropriate. The temperature outside was in the 80’s; inside

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Human Potential and the Arctic Monkeys.

When I read aloud the John Cooper Clarke poem ‘I Wanna be Yours’ to my Y9 English class at Stocksbridge Secondary school in the mid nineties I had absolutely no idea that one of my pupils, Alex Turner, would go on to become Britain’s best-loved lyricist as

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Controlling and Caring:

Some teachers give the impression that they care a great deal about young people. Some seem just to want control. In truth all teachers fit on the following grid somewhere. High Control/Low |care Funnily enough the last time I witnessed this approach was an RE lesson in

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Here are some of the issues that I can help you sort: If the answers to any of the issues to the right is yes then get in touch – you have found the man you are looking for!

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If you have:

  • Some of your staff keep getting into unnecessary confrontations with pupils?
  • Some staff struggle to deal with social chatter?
  • Subject leaders who don’t take the lead on behaviour for learning
  • Head of house/year who are buried in the reactive and want to be proactive?

If you want to:

  • Improve attendance?
  • Improve behaviour?
  • Deliver SEAL whole school
  • Get help with the behaviour and safety SEF?
  • Have better behaviour and attendance data?
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  • Get pupil voice working?

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