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Life after Gove

So Michael Gove has been demoted to Chief Whip. Sack a bloke then make him responsible for party loyalty. Brilliant. What a shame the prime minister doesn’t behave so cleverly the rest of the time. A shiny new education secretary can do the red boxes until May 15. And if events play out as they might, Boris could be PM within a few years. Heaven knows where that might take education.

In the meantime it is the same ‘let her rip’ policy that abounds.  Setting up a school has become a little like setting up a neighborhood watch scheme, the hobby horse of a few determined local people. Will Ofsted remain the only form of accountability? Will LA’s still be blamed  for the performance of schools they can’t get into? Gove,  quite scarily, believed what he  said…. but he has left a great many loose threads that will need tying up.

In the meantime I will be pressing on. The autumn  term looks busy:  I’m chairing Optimus Education’s behaviour event in London on 23rd September. I’m working as an associate with the  School Software Company supporting schools that use their Sleuth behaviour tracking software. I’ll be working with a PRU in the East Midlands and a number of LA’s in the North of England on attendance. I will continue supporting staff in the classroom with behaviour issues and as always I will be ‘getting my hands dirty’ i.e. modelling approaches in classrooms with real, challenging classes and team teaching to help build the capacity of staff. I’ll be helping primary and secondary schools who have lost their way with SEAL and need reinvigorating.

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