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teacher-bad-behaviourArriving on a dark April Friday in driving rain I see the school for the first time. It squats in the mud, in mourning for the new-build that never was. Inside it is all flaking paint and worn carpets but the welcome is warm. The business manager smiles and hands me a dog-eared yellow folder. It is stuffed with bad omens: ‘Yellow Behaviour Card’, ‘Red Behaviour Card’ and ‘Urgent Assistance Card’. I’m beginning to wish I hadn’t left my bullet proof vest in the car.

Later I discover that this Victorian building was once a hospital. Right now, looking at all this ‘behaviour’ stuff, I wonder if I’ll be leaving in an ambulance. The business manager explains about the school day, the register and all the usual stuff. Then with an ‘oops-I-nearly-forgot’ kind of gesture,  she picks up another yellow card from inside the dog-eared folder. “There are these of course” she says, a little uncertainly. “Positive Referrals. You can give out one of these if you really want..but it just tends to be Year 7; they still like getting these”

“So what you’re telling me..” I think, but don’t say “ that pupils beyond the age of twelve don’t want recognition. That your whole school reward system is compromised by a tacit understanding that only kids with one foot still in primary school will want to take part in it. That the self fulfilling prophecy of ‘the older ones won’t want the rewards’ has taken root in yet another school”. Granted there are some teenagers who shrink from the public pat on the head but in my experience this is made worse when pupils have not had the chance to get used to being praised.

In schools where low level and even high level disruption are commonplace, the failure to systematically notice and reward the positive behaviour of the majority is a common and fatal error. Too often well meaning staff working with the Dawaynes and Chantelles of this world (sorry if that’s your name) say “Hey well done, you’ve kept your head down for an hour.. have a merit, in fact – have two!”

Then weeks later in assembly all the regular kids who do the right thing day in and day out find themselves applauding the worst behaved kids in the school pick up their behaviour awards. Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for second chances and new beginnings for troubled kids but  we need to  keep the praise habit going all the way up to year 11… and make sure that everyone qualifies.



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