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Presently I offer two courses relevant to Behaviour and Safety:


Securing Good and Outstanding Behaviour and Safety


is aimed at senior leaders. It has been very well received by both primary and secondary school leaders. The course focuses on practical strategies for promoting a positive ethos and ways to hold staff accountable. It also deals with pupils i.e. how to involve them in a structured conversation about their improving behaviour?Time is also devoted to self evaluation and there is the opportunity to share experiences and best practice with colleagues facing similar challenges.

In 2012 Greg Barnes, deputy head teacher at Whalley Range High School in Manchester evaluated this course as ‘Brilliant’.
I am pleased to be holding a suitably updated version of the course this year.

view course  – Securing Good and Outstanding Behaviour and Safety

Behaviour and Safety for Subject leaders



This practical one-day course is aimed at subject leaders who want to:

  • Improve pupil engagement in their subject areas.
  • Develop a whole school focus as middle leaders.

High quality resources will be provided, supporting a systematic approach to monitoring and evaluation within the subject area.

NOTE: Follow up on-site is available by negotiation.

Zoe Hampson of Firth Park Community College, Sheffield  described this course as ‘terrific’ and ‘inspiring’. 

view course –  Behaviour and Safety for Subject Leaders

There are more comments on both courses on the ‘Testimonials’ page of my website.


NB: if there are other topics that you would like to suggest, please let me know, I am very keen to address the areas that are of concern to schools, within the general area of ‘Behaviour and Safety’. (suggest topics within ‘Behaviour and Safety’ )


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