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Developing your staff

Hands-on, In-class support for teachers at an affordable cost.

This service offers effective support for staff who:

  • Struggle to form positive relationships with pupils
  • Find it hard to assert themselves in the classroom
  • Need support in order to take appropriate responsibility for pupil behaviour

The process looks like this:

  • I meet with the colleagues concerned, see them teach and offer developmental feedback including practical strategies they can put in place the very next lesson.
  • Using further classroom support and email/phone discussion as necessary , we review progress together.
  • I can, by arrangement with the class teacher demonstrate these strategies in the lesson, with the class.
  • Working in this way I’ve had the pleasure of seeing teachers take control and begin to engage classes who were previously not listening to them.
  • Staff have given me excellent feedback. One talked in July this year about getting a ‘new lease of life’ another said with a smile that ‘all sorts of pennies are dropping’.
  • Often they speak to me about the transformation that follows in their professional lives, once they start teaching behaviour and stop just responding to it.

Chances are that, reading this, you are already thinking of one or more colleagues who might benefit. If so please don’t hesitate to get in touch without obligation. If you are able to identify up to four staff that I can see teach in a day then my support becomes even more cost-effective.

I get fantastic feedback wherever I go.

One of the big frustrations for senior leaders is the large proportion of behaviour issues that emanate from a small number of staff. It is a miserable existence for these colleagues, reacting to poor behaviour day in and day out. I like to get into classrooms, see what the issues are and give positive developmental feedback.

I’ve had a great response from staff that I’ve mentored in the classroom; I’m proud of the way that my input has transformed the professional lives of a number of staff. I can refer you to colleagues like Jim in Kirklees and Tchinde in Leeds, experienced teachers who are enjoying the job again after years of frustration and difficulty in the classroom. It is so rewarding to see smiles on teachers’ faces once they are back in charge and relaxed in front of young people.

Over the years I have delivered to a wide range of clients including of course primary and secondary schools and academies but also  FE Colleges, Wakefield Library Service, Huddersfield University and even West Yorkshire Fire Service!

If you struggle with behaviour or you manage staff who do, you’ll find me a positive and effective partner in bringing about sustainable change.

I have:

  • Delivered whole school training and follow up support in departments
  • Supported individual teaching staff with identified needs
  • Led peer- support groups in schools
  • Delivered training to Teaching Assistants in schools and at Local Authority conferences


I have an engaging and entertaining style that will hold any audience’s attention. My consistently excellent evaluations are earned by an approach that is down to earth, principled and effective, with a warmth and good humour that enable participants to fully engage and reflect on their own practice.


In a typical full day behaviour management CPD session staff will be enabled to:

  • Take responsibility for behaviour in their lessons
  • Develop a more empathetic approach to young people
  • Learn new strategies to de-escalate potential confrontations
  • Be more aware of the effect of their own behaviour
  • Integrate high expectations of behaviour into their teaching


Please get in touch and I’ll create a package of support, tailored to meet the needs
of your school or setting that will certainly have impact and may create further savings by bundling up days of support.




Why should you hire me?

Here are some of the issues that I can help you sort: If the answers to any of the issues to the right is yes then get in touch – you have found the man you are looking for!

But you don't need to take it from me, have a look at my testimonials page.

If you have:

  • Some of your staff keep getting into unnecessary confrontations with pupils?
  • Some staff struggle to deal with social chatter?
  • Subject leaders who don’t take the lead on behaviour for learning
  • Head of house/year who are buried in the reactive and want to be proactive?

If you want to:

  • Improve attendance?
  • Improve behaviour?
  • Deliver SEAL whole school
  • Get help with the behaviour and safety SEF?
  • Have better behaviour and attendance data?
  • Get PLTS embedded?
  • Get pupil voice working?

And also:

Do you want the best whole staff behaviour CPD at an affordable cost?

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