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One of the secondary schools I currently support had attendance of around 87.8% for years and around 130 pupils were trooping in late every day, until I got involved.  Attendance is now pushing 92% and there are just a couple of dozen pupils late every morning. Still room for improvement but we’re getting there… and fast!

Wherever I’ve been, there’s been impact:

I have twenty years’ experience of working to improve attendance. First leading in school and then with Wakefield local authority. My innovative partnership with the Education Welfare Service and our multi agency working across the authority was recognised by a council-wide ‘STAR’ award. This was due to a 40% reduction of persistent absence in secondary target schools in one year.

Then with the National Strategies, as Regional Adviser for Behaviour and Attendance in Yorkshire and the Humber I was involved in the development and roll-out of policy nationally. In this role , working closely with schools and other stakeholders I continued to bear down on absence across the region.

You might want:

  • Attendance data that’s fit for purpose
  • Better systems of accountability
  • A genuine whole school approach
  • Training for all staff, linked to safeguarding
  • Training for pastoral leaders
  • Better systems to reward and celebrate good attendance.

Whatever your needs around the attendance agenda, you’ll find me a knowledgeable partner for improvement with an understanding of the challenges you face and solutions to offer.

Why should you hire me?

Here are some of the issues that I can help you sort: If the answers to any of the issues to the right is yes then get in touch – you have found the man you are looking for!

But you don't need to take it from me, have a look at my testimonials page.

If you have:

  • Some of your staff keep getting into unnecessary confrontations with pupils?
  • Some staff struggle to deal with social chatter?
  • Subject leaders who don’t take the lead on behaviour for learning
  • Head of house/year who are buried in the reactive and want to be proactive?

If you want to:

  • Improve attendance?
  • Improve behaviour?
  • Deliver SEAL whole school
  • Get help with the behaviour and safety SEF?
  • Have better behaviour and attendance data?
  • Get PLTS embedded?
  • Get pupil voice working?

And also:

Do you want the best whole staff behaviour CPD at an affordable cost?

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